Each of us is committed through a code of ethics to respect our common goal, whose main motivation is to be useful and to perform the missions assigned to him, with integrity.

We exercise our inspection activities in accordance with the requirements of standards and regulations in force.

We prefer an easy and direct contact, a reactivity permanently, and growing our adaptability to meet your specific needs.

Sampling is a key element behind all HACCP system. The professionalism of the taker of samples is critical.

IGEB FRANCE is part of the list of bodies accredited according to standard NF EN ISO 17020 version 2012 inspection.

This induced:

  • total independence
  • trained and sensitized staff
  • thoughtful, written methods
  • material adapted and controlled
  • a system checked and accredited by the French Accreditation Committee

The regulations specify your obligations in terms of food security. You have to "draw" your goods. To do this, you must not only put measures in place, but also check that they are effective.

The official recognition of our Organization should simplify your life!

QUALITY is a long-term strategy that requires a team effort that we strive to achieve in the utmost integrity. Concerned about the respect of the environment, we commit to motivate quality to our customers. We operate transparently, with a system of transmitting information in real time.

Consider we have towards our customers and partners, permanent bonds to improve and support our efforts in this area.