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Valentin Rossel

I am thrilled to be part of this fantastic team of experts, sharing the same human and professional values which will enable us all to build on the past successes and to reach the next step of this amazing journey.

Cyrille Guerin

For over 20 years, life has offered me the great opportunity to live the adventure of a business leader who observes, listens to, questions, tries, mistakes, cheers, laughs.
The human adventure is at the center of my concerns.
I deeply love the people I work with (clients and employees).

Gilles Marie

The values to which I am sensitive: Respect, Sincerity, Fidelity, Justice, Merit. Through these values I am looking for balance and serenity.
Living well together it is also "Good living with oneself".

Laurent Hegron

Commercial team, I like contact and shared experiences. I love words, stories and I practice a modern form of treasure hunt that I share with family and friends. It is good to rediscover the world around us with children's eyes ...

Emeric Murzeau

I am curious and playful. This drives me to innovate and to excel myself.
I like to meet people. This is not really the idea we have, but accounting goes in this direction by allowing to be in contact with all stakeholders: internally and externally to Igeb France.

Angelique Pasquier

I bring my joy of life and serenity through my presence. Person organized, I know how to stay straight and creative in all situations. One could call me "The Tranquil Force"

Lydie Lardiere

Movement, moving forward, having confidence allow me to move forward by reviving myself with envy and enthusiasm. Serene, I act with discernment what makes me free and appeases me. I have the ability to think clearly and healthily. I am organized, rigorous, persevering, I like the job well done. I am fragile which is a strength that helps me to become more flexible.

Justine Maitre

I am sturdy, solid and gives off sweetness. A true source of appeasement, I bring tranquility, benevolence and compassion. I promote understanding and communication.

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